Clayton Stringer

Co-Owner & Director of PHotography

This is me...Clayton. I am a dreamer, explorer. A Filmmaker. I have a big heart, and that's not a figure of speech. I was born with a leaky heart valve, which had to work overtime to get the job done. Since the heart is a muscle and that muscle was overworked, it became too big and I had to have open-heart surgery when I was 17.


Well before high school, my father told me that I thrive off of passion. He told me that one day I would find my passion in life, and when that happened I should stick with it. Since the first time I picked up a video camera nine years ago, I knew that this was my passion. The mixture of creativity and technical sophistication grabbed ahold of me and hasn't let go.

Over the last nine years, I have pursued videography in many different forums. From working with non-profits, television stations, production houses, short films, television shows, and churches. After graduating college from Texas Tech with a degree in Electronic Media and Visual Communications four years ago, I started my own business full-time pursuing this passion as well as the people and places it's led me to. I haven't looked back since.

Other than that, I am a simple guy who loves life, and I particularly love meeting new people and sharing in their stories. I have an itch for traveling and I'm always looking for the next adventure. So here I am, using this big imperfect heart to follow my passion. Click around, watch a few films, and fill out the Contact Form if you would like to chat.

Take Care.