Boku Supper Club

An underground supper club in Philly “sells art” with complimentary meals from incredible chefs and farmers, all to avoid getting shut down by the health inspector. Based in the apartment of Ryan Fitzgerald, we follow Boku #51 with guest chef Amanda Shulman.

Co-produced with P&R Productions in 2017 as a proof of concept for a documentary series on underground supper clubs.

Filmed in three days in Philadelphia in 2017.

Luis Angulo - Feliz

Luis is a muralist from Venezuela living in Austin, TX. We followed him as he created a work of art on East 6th as a homage to his sister, Liza. The colors and style were inspired by the houses on El Avila in Caracas, Venezuela. Knowing the building he was painting on would be torn down to make room for a new high-rise, he explores gentrification, life, death, and art in this massive mural.

Filmed over two months in early 2017.