Grace Wolfe


I grew up in Lubbock, Tx but moved to Austin six years ago to attend The University of Texas. I have always found myself most excited and most challenged by exploring our beautiful world, and so I studied International Relations with a focus in Latin America. I went on to work as a programs advisor at a study abroad agency and have just moved back to Austin after living in South America for five months. I first started editing when I was in college just because I enjoyed it, and this past year I started editing full time.

I believe that the reasons I have always loved to travel are the reasons why I came to love film as well. Behind both there is freedom, discovery, creativity, the ability to listen to the stories of fascinating people and the chance to tell your own. Watching film and exploring a new country both give us windows into another world, into another way of life. I am stimulated by these experiences, and it is what drives me to create good videos.

Other things that bring me joy are good books, good coffee, and dogs. I enjoy thinking, dreaming, and hiking. I love intriguing talks and hearing other people's stories and passions, and I would love to hear yours.

Hasta pronto!