Stephanie Hill


The left and right sides of my brain have always competed. I enjoy being creative, but appreciate structure as well. Because of this, I decided to attend Texas A&M University and pursue a business-marketing degree, but minored in Floral Design to appease my artistic side.

After graduating, I moved to Houston with my husband, Preston, and worked as an account manager at an advertising agency for close to four years. This role combined my love for business and creativity. During this time, Preston and I volunteered as Young Life leaders at Memorial High School. When a full-time position opened up with them, I could not pass it up, as I am very passionate about working with high school teens. I eventually became part of the development team for the Greater Houston Region, specifically handling events to raise support for the mission.

When Preston and I decided to move back to our hometown, I was excited by the opportunity to work with Forest & Pine on the production side. This position truly is a great fit, as it once again mixes my passion with my skill set. Plus, I love a good story (I could talk your ear off), so it is a privilege to share others’ stories.

Not related to work, I am a sports addict, travel junkie, and margarita connoisseur. I love hanging out with my family and friends, and relish any excuse to throw a party.

Thanks & Gig’em.